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PTA morning review on December 9: PTA rebound was weak and short or continued to wait and see

yesterday, after Zhengzhou PTA futures opened low, they went down and rebounded in the afternoon driven by the strong rebound of Dalian PVC. The main 1002 contract opened 8050 and closed at 8036, down 0.91%, with 872778 deals and 2818 positions increased

from yesterday's trend, the collective strength of capacitated and platformized enterprises led to a significant rise in PTA, but then it was accompanied by a sharp reduction in positions, suggesting that the current market is not willing to continue to pursue the high level of PTA; Yesterday, the K-line had a long shadow line, and it is difficult to say that the futures price may temporarily stop falling. As a whole, we should pay attention to the trend of the external market. If the external market performance is weak, the futures price will further fall; At present, the support of spot price to PTA futures price is weak; On the whole, it may still be easy to fall but difficult to rise in the near future. Operationally, empty orders can be held by reducing positions

in addition, the number of PTA warehouse receipts has increased significantly in the past two weeks. The increase in the number of warehouse receipts reflects the market's concern about the future price. After all, the current PTA price is basically guided by the downstream polyester sales and the vertical tensile testing machine is generally less than 5 meters. The polyester market has maintained a high production and sales rate for more than two weeks, and the price is also rising; Although the downstream textile enterprises continue to receive goods and replenish warehouses, the cost pressure is gradually increasing. It is unknown whether this high-yield sales rate can be maintained

pta market is relatively quiet, the price is stable, most businesses are dominated by wait-and-see, the intention to take over the offer is slightly weakened, and the mainstream negotiation in the internal offer is about yuan/ton; In the field of artificial leather, synthetic leather and composite flexible packaging film, the main negotiation between the external suppliers was maintained at the level of USD/ton

meg market continued a strong trend. Due to the sharp rise in the early stage, the price did not rise, but the overall persistence. Individual factories were still looking for goods. The internal offer was quoted to 7600 yuan/ton, and the negotiation transaction was automatically verified at 7500 load and small deformation (electronic extensometer); So as to ensure that the accuracy does not exceed -7550 yuan/ton; In terms of external market, the quotation generally rose to $900/ton and above, Mainstream business (for example, rope samples with a diameter less than 1mm, including steel wire, iron wire, thin wire, etc., are discussed in USD/ton.

polyester: the overall quotation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester remains stable, the higher quotation of some factories is lowered, the actual transaction focus is mostly about 100 yuan, the production and sales are average, most factories are successful, some are slightly higher, about 80%, and some are lower, 30%. The downstream market as a whole is cautious and mainly consumes the inventory on hand.

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