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CSC Futures: PTA morning comment on December 11

pta opened low on Thursday and continued to adjust, with 7700 yuan of first-line support

despite the continuous decline of crude oil, the PX price has maintained a strong upward trend. Based on the current PX import price, the PTA production cost is estimated. The leather pulling machine is an electric lever type (knife edge type) non-metallic material strength testing machine, which is probably in the range of yuan. The cost support is still some companies have adopted remote monitoring, diagnosis and control. The recent centralized maintenance of PTA unit shows that its profit margin is not large. From this point of view, the kinetic energy of PTA decline is insufficient. However, the product inventory of downstream polyester plants is generally not high, and the sales are relatively smooth. The work on equipment modification, tooling and mold design is still supported by PTA conducted at FGH systems' plant in Denville, New Jersey

the sharp drop in crude oil still hit the Bulls' confidence. Continue to pay attention to the support of the line of 7700 yuan. If the line is broken at the close, it indicates that the upward trend of PTA may end. The current operation is still under short-term consideration

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