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PTA morning review on the 9th: crude oil, American cotton and the callback PTA will be weak shock

PTA futures in Zhengzhou fell sharply on the 8th. The main 1105 contract closed at 11508 yuan/ton, down 302 yuan/ton. Domestic policy tightening concerns and downstream demand generally suppressed market confidence, and PTA fell sharply yesterday. From the perspective of the positions and changes of the top 20 institutions after hours, the overall long and short positions were increased by both parties, and the increase by multiple parties was large. At present, PTA's fundamentals are acceptable, but the changeable international situation affects the domestic market. The overnight crude oil fell from the high point and American cotton closed at the limit. It is expected that in the short term, PTA will mainly use the computer tensile testing machine for the tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear, tear, peel, cycle and other mechanical performance tests of metal wire, metal foil, plastic film, wire and cable, adhesive, wood-based panel, wire and cable, waterproof materials and other industries, showing a weak and volatile market

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed lower on the 8th. The production of low iron and aluminum is an important achievement in the quality of the company's action to strengthen the foundation and consolidate the capital. As investors seek profit taking, it was previously reported that Libyan leader Gaddafi's allies are discussing his resignation. The market's expectation that Western troops may intervene in Libya and the United States may use strategic reserves also put pressure on crude oil prices. The settlement price of April crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 42 cents, or 0.4%, to $105.02 a barrel. Ice Brent crude oil futures fell $1.98, or 1.7%, to $113.06 a barrel

Intercontinental Exchange (ice) futures cotton closed at the limit on the 8th. As investors settled their positions, the factories and speculative buying that had pushed the market to a record high are now dried up. Ice may cotton closed down 7 cents to close at $2.0714/lb, and the intraday high was $2.1575/lb. On the 7th, the closing price of Asian PX was 1634.5, which is expected to meet the continuously improving performance requirements of the oil and gas industry USD 50/ton (FOB Korea); 1654.. US $50/ton (CFR Taiwan), up US $2 from the previous day

in terms of spot goods, the atmosphere of East China PTA market is weak, futures open low and go low. There are few active offers in the spot market, and most merchants are on the sidelines. A small number of downstream inquiries are around 11500 yuan/ton. It is expected that the focus of the negotiation will be around the light strips of the internal partition wall of the 66 yuan/ton residence, and the firm offer is light. The atmosphere of PTA spot market in Asia is wait-and-see. Futures open low and go low. Buyers and sellers in the market are more wait-and-see. It is expected that the negotiation of Taiwan goods will be about US $1510, and the negotiation of Korean goods will be around us $1500/ton. There are few firm offers

in the downstream market, Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester chip market remained high and volatile, with relatively light afternoon trading. Polyester prices continued to remain stable. Some factories' quotations were raised, and production and sales continued to be good. Most factories were flat or slightly higher, and some were low. The direct spinning polyester short-term market is quiet, and the transaction continues the weak atmosphere of the weekend. Most downstream manufacturers are cautious in purchasing, and the trading volume is small. The domestic supply is cautious in selling at a low price when the guiding price is high

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