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CSC Futures: PTA's early comments on December 17

pta opened low and went high on Wednesday. The market fluctuated and was suppressed near RMB 8000

from the perspective of fundamentals, on the one hand, PX prices remain firm, and imported exchange servo motor and exchange servo speed regulation system are adopted as the power source for PT; The demand for low-end products supported by imported precision ball drive screws and guide rods a has dropped to about 20% and is still stable. On the other hand, in order to improve resource utilization, the demand for polyester has weakened, and the spot buying of PTA has decreased. Under the interaction of the two aspects, the PTA spot market remains relatively stable, with a dilemma

from the technical point of view, PTA has obtained strong support in the line of 7700 yuan, indicating that the overall upward trend has not changed. The strong rebound of crude oil may form a certain support for PTA, focusing on the competition for RMB 8000. The current operation is still under short-term consideration. If you stand firm at 8000 yuan, you can consider holding a small number of multiple orders

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