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(carmellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) when you are in charge of the courtyard decoration at home, are you also worried: shuttling through the major building materials markets, measuring the city with your feet, but you can't piece it together, looking for professionals but stopping at high costs, Xiaobian can't help but want to share some good courtyard decoration experience with you, so that every novice owner can be the terminator of troubles

first move: choose aluminum alloy car sheds according to the courtyard area The style and area are large enough. When choosing custom aluminum alloy shed, we should focus on the function, and the volume can also be relatively large, making life more convenient

the second move: the style is unified, and the courtyard area is small. It can be matched with the aluminum alloy Pavilion and grape trellis with the same style. The simple outline line design also makes the vision and space wider and more comfortable

the third trick: pursue personalization and humanization. Many people are particularly easy to ignore the terrace when planning. Never! Installing a balcony canopy on the terrace will bring more happiness

the fourth trick: avoid unnecessary waste, simple and practical sunshine room There is no need to choose from all kinds of building materials markets when there are forced sofas and one-stop shopping

fifth trick: the overall design and layout, the tone of the primary color makes the atmosphere comfortable and warm, and the overall design greatly improves the space utilization

although the process of courtyard decoration is troublesome, seeing the installed courtyard, my heart is full of sense of achievement and joy. It's fried chicken sticks! Learn 4 elements +5 moves quickly. I wish you success





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