Gemini Bai Jing, fresh and beautiful, wonderful mi

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Gemini film and television newcomer Bai Jing, a familiar and unfamiliar name, has created a myth that people become popular before they appear. Hunan Satellite TV will launch a self-made drama "blood Xiangxi" with an investment of 20million next summer season. Bai Jing is the famous director gongzhifei who picked it out from many actors. Friends who are familiar with the Internet have already been familiar with the name Bai Jing, her fresh and beautiful face, the appearance of the beautiful Miao girl on the top of the mountain in Western Hunan and her military funding. On February 28, the actor Bai Jing was assassinated and killed by her husband, Zhou Chenghai, who also died because of ineffective suicide rescue, and said that the two had a long-standing resentment, and the death of Zhou Chenghai's mother was also the direct trigger for Bai Jing's murder. Beijing Chaoyang police also confirmed that Bai Jing committed suicide after her husband Zhou Chenghai assassinated her at about 19 p.m




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