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You know what? Choose the right time to enjoy the charm of home central air conditioning

do you know? Choose the right time to enjoy the charm of home central air conditioning

the decoration node and the household central air conditioning decoration node are divided into three steps. Decoration node, make a preliminary decoration plan &mdash& mdash; Decoration scheme design &mdash& mdash; Decoration construction. And home central air conditioning decoration node, understand home central air conditioning &mdash& mdash; Air conditioning scheme design &mdash& mdash; Air conditioning construction

since the indoor unit and pipeline of household central air conditioner are installed in a concealed manner, the machine must be installed in place before the ceiling is completed. If you choose to install household central air conditioning after the decoration is completed, it will bring you unnecessary trouble and increase the decoration expenses

household central air conditioning also belongs to “ Concealed works ”, It must be included in the overall decoration plan as early as possible, like bathroom and kitchen, and be considered and determined in advance

therefore, once the timing of the household central air conditioning project and decoration project is grasped, it can not only reduce the decoration expenses, but also release the decoration space, create a unique home decoration style, and let you enjoy the charm of household central air conditioning

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