Juxiu wooden door carries out emergency fire drill

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Juxiu wooden gate often organizes and carries out targeted emergency drills on weekdays to prepare for a rainy day and take precautions

in order to further strengthen the fire safety education of employees, improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, and enhance the self-defense and self rescue ability of fire, the annual fire safety drill is in full swing in Juxiu woodworking workshop 3

before the drill, the person in charge systematically explained to the staff the use methods of fire extinguishers, evacuation and escape rules and other fire-fighting knowledge, and showed everyone the use methods of dry powder fire extinguishers and precautions in the process of fire fighting

the person in charge explained the fire protection knowledge to the employees

according to the explanation and demonstration of the person in charge, the employees carried out a simulated fire operation drill with fire extinguishers on site. Some employees who participated in the drill further improved their practical operation ability of basic fire-fighting facilities

employees carry out simulated fire fighting drill

through this fire emergency drill, the company's employees' fire safety knowledge and responsibility consciousness are further enhanced, and the employees' mastery of emergency procedures and practical operation skills is strengthened, providing more fire prevention safety guarantee for future work and life

in the future, Juxiu wooden door will also regularly organize and carry out targeted emergency drills to prepare for a rainy day and take precautions




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