Effect drawing of simple design of 68 square meter

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The simple and lively layout of the living room gives people greater activity space and function development potential. The wooden side cabinet with simple shape makes the space look low-key and stable, and also provides more space usability for the living room. With various functions, it greatly enriches the content of life

the use of large areas of green makes the original bedroom no longer monotonous, and the addition of green also makes the bedroom color more layered. Large green beddings are just like the vibrant green grass in nature. The green potted plants on the windowsill also emphasize the beauty of harmony between man and nature

the bathroom space is pure white, and the bathroom furniture has simple lines, creating a refreshing bathroom environment. Although the area of the whole space is small, the space available for storage is naturally small, but after using the small drawer cabinet, the bathroom is not so narrow

in the simple small space, the white wall treatment brightens the light sense of the aisle. A long mirror at the end extends the visual range in the small space. The bright blue striped carpet decorates the aisle with a more feminine feeling. The simple side cabinet adapts to the fashionable and modern home environment and provides an effective storage area for the abnormal space

the color tone of the kitchen cooking area is composed of strong black-and-white contrast, and the design lines are also concise and clear. With some red blankets to activate the space atmosphere, the reconciled kitchen style is calm and lively. The zigzag integrated kitchen cabinet not only fully mobilized every inch of wall space, but also visually made the kitchen look more complete





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