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Comparative evaluation of "as" so which is better, us/ASUS a580ur 8250u or a480ur, and how to distinguish between them

ASUS hot selling game book recommendation: asus/ASUS business book_ A5 six test pieces shall be cut from each batch of finished products. 80ur notebook computer is light and portable, 15.6-inch i5

1. After reading it for a long time 0731 ⑵), I finally decided to buy it here. First, it will be delivered quickly in the morning of the next day, and the computer will start up quickly. The pre installed software is also very clean, there is no other mess, very satisfied. After looking at the computer properties, it was the same as what I bought. I also used Master Lu to score points and played a large game. It can run smoothly. The computer technology is also good. I hope there won't be any problems later Expand to view more comments, lead screw

2. The computer is tall and the color is beautiful. The 15.6 screen is really good. It's fun to watch movies in the future! After completing the basic installation according to the prompts, I added the computer version and. The installation was completed soon. The information can also be replied on the computer. I feel that it is good. The other day I received a free wireless mouse, mouse pad, computer bag and keyboard film. The quality was very good

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