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Saiyuan participated in the 2013 OPC International Foundation &opc

opc International Foundation and OPC China Promotion Association held the 2013 OPC International Foundation opc-ua cross platform interoperability standard high level seminar at Grand Cloud Hotel, Shenzhen on the afternoon of January 15, 2013! As the first stop of OPC seminar in 2013, Saiyuan participated in the seminar

opc-ua is a new generation technology launched by OPC foundation, which is used to realize the safe, reliable and cross merchant data transmission of raw data and pre-processing information from the manufacturer to the production planning system or ERP system. At present, OPC International Foundation has more than 470 company members/80 end-user members, more than 3500 companies dedicated to developing OPC products, more than 22000 products, more than 3000 product materials, and many branches in 52 countries and regions, including China

Mr. zhangtiangui, Secretary General of China Promotion Association of OPC International Foundation and Siemens, was invited to this meeting to review the development process of OPC foundation in China, discuss the membership interests of OPC foundation 2015 Annuity Association, and look forward to the market development prospect of opc2013. At the same time, we also invited Mr. guowenzhe, a member of the Council of OPC China Promotion Association, from the National Instrument Corporation of the United States, to introduce the latest application of opc-ua technology to you. Mr. mahenggui, who comes from Schneider with high precision, introduced the development trends of Schneider's industrial software and the static stress results of Schneider without the need to import unit load. The PLC of Schneider will fully support the discussion of OPC UA technology<9. Compressed space: 0 ⑶ 000mm/p>

as Saiyuan automation focusing on the combination of interconnection development and industrial application, through participating in the in-depth discussion of OPC UA, it will launch more information-based software and operation guarantee system according to OPC UA's reliability and security assurance system based on interconnection, and cooperate with relevant members of the international OPC Foundation to jointly promote the development of remote communication of industrial control system. Focusing on new technologies and striving for innovation and leadership are the constant pursuit of Saiyuan people

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