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In the development of modern market economy, commodity packaging plays a role in protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, and publicizing and beautifying commodities. Its importance is increasingly valued by manufacturers, merchants and consumers. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the substantial improvement of people's living standards, and the popularization of market economy, especially all kinds of commodity supermarkets, the consumption of all kinds of commodity packaging has increased sharply. After more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has grown rapidly at an average annual growth rate of 15%, and has become a comprehensive and horizontal important industry involving more than ten departments, including commerce, petrochemical, agriculture and forestry, light industry, foreign trade, electromechanical, pesticide, medicine and health, and has formed paper packaging products, plastic packaging materials and products, metal packaging materials and products Packaging machinery is an independent and complete modern industrial system with complete categories of main products

the total output value of the national packaging industry has ranked 14th among the 40 major industries of the national economy, and undertakes the packaging supporting task of more than 300 billion yuan of domestic commodity materials and more than 200 billion dollars of export commodities every year. The rapid growth of the packaging industry shows the vitality of the packaging industry under the socialist market economic system. However, we should also be aware that there is still a big gap between China's packaging industry and the world's economically developed countries. For example, industrial structure, enterprise scale, product quality and grade, scientific and technological level and development ability, basic packaging industry level, comprehensive utilization level, environmental protection and personnel quality, etc. Among them, the shortage of scientific and technological talents and the weakness of development ability are important factors restricting the development and technological progress of China's packaging industry

therefore, we must have a clear understanding of China's current packaging industry and be familiar with how China should develop its packaging industry in the highly competitive world economy

I. The current situation of China's packaging industry in the world economy after China's entry into WTO

1. The market has great potential and the competition is more intense. According to the prediction of experts, China's entry into WTO will certainly drive the expansion of China's packaging market. From the static cross-section analysis, based on the year 2000, the total output value of the national packaging industry is about 200billion yuan. Based on 70% material consumption, the scale of the derivative market is about 140billion yuan, and the total scale of the packaging market is 300 ~ 340billion yuan; From a dynamic perspective, the packaging industry has a higher growth rate than the national economy. The average annual growth rate during the sixth Five Year Plan period was 15.7%, the Seventh Five Year Plan period was 17.2%, the Eighth Five Year Plan period was 20.3%, and the Ninth Five Year Plan period was no less than 15%. According to the current economic development speed of China and the long-term development planning goal of China, by 2010, China's industrial and agricultural GDP will double from US $100billion in 2000 to reach US $200billion, the total value of foreign trade exports will reach US $350billion, and the corresponding packaging market size will reach at least RMB 500 ~ 600billion. If the moving speed of the active chuck of the experimental machine under load does not exceed 0.5L/min, this potential market is attracting more and more countries' attention. For example, the British processing and Packaging Machinery Association (dppma), which has more than 330 members, called on British manufacturers to fully seize the opportunity of China's accession to the WTO and identify China as its important overseas market. Under the WTO, tariff will have different product appearance barriers reduced or even gradually eliminated. Foreign investors will invest in the construction of factories and localized production in China, resulting in the reduction of production costs. High quality and low price commodities will inevitably win domestic consumers, which is bound to cause conflicts to domestic products and markets, and make the competition in China's packaging market increasingly fierce

2. The competitive structure of the industry is constantly changing. The packaging industry consists of the basic packaging industry and the packaging product manufacturing industry, which are mainly composed of packaging raw and auxiliary materials and packaging equipment. 3 Spring diameter: 150mm; Composition. Packaging products are a traditional labor-intensive industry. In the middle and low-end market, due to low technology content, low barriers to entry, low added value of products, and the decisive role of labor cost and geographical cost in the formation of competitive advantage, packaging products have a comparative advantage in international competition. However, in the domestic market, due to the expansion of market space of packaging products due to economic growth, domestic capital will be attracted to enter, and market competition will intensify, Cost, quality and delivery time play a decisive role in the formation of competitive advantage. As for the high-end market, due to the high technical content and high added value of products, China's packaging industry has low independent development ability and strong dependence on foreign technology and equipment, so it is at a disadvantage in the competition with international capital and is subject to international competitors for a period of time. The packaging equipment industry and the raw and auxiliary materials industry are capital intensive and technology intensive industries. The technological independence and development and innovation ability will determine the competitive advantage of the industry. Due to the lack of technical development and high-precision reducer in this field, China's packaging industry has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise and long service life; Large liquid crystal shows its innovation ability in the trial, with low capital concentration and no comparative advantage in international competition. Under the impact of international capital, it will be in a very disadvantageous position in the competition. Therefore, the commanding heights of China's packaging industry are likely to be controlled by international capital, and the international competitiveness will be further weakened. (to be continued)

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