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Which is a good comparison between the little genius children's watch and the 360 children's watch? What is the difference?

360 children's watch P1 and xiaotiancai Z5 are two popular models in the market. Among them, 360 children's watch P1 is the latest one, and there is little difference in function. 360 children's watch is more cost-effective, so choose 360 for cost-effectiveness. Consider making friends with children and choose xiaotiancai, Huawei? No, the greening of plastic packaging for children in school is not only reflected in the product itself. Almost all classes are young geniuses. Alas, the older son used Z3 for half a year. The newly replaced Z5 produced various types of catheters that meet its standards. Z3 was given to the younger son. The youngest son bought the 7x of 360 for three months. Now he is lying quietly in the box. In terms of function, I think 360 is not inferior to young geniuses. It is also cost-effective. However, everyone uses young geniuses, Making friends or something, isn't it? It depends on your choice

360 children's watch P1 JD. Com's latest quotation comments:

little genius Z5 tmall's latest quotation comments details:

little genius z5

360 children's watch p1

II. Quotation comments on 360 children's watch P1 and little genius Z5:

1. 360 children's watch p1:

reference price: ¥ 1398.00

user comments: it took two weeks to evaluate. The pictures were taken with the rear camera. They are not bad. The definition is OK, The video is a small program that comes with the table and the inside. It is very practical. The best thing is that the children go swimming with them. There is no water at all. In addition, they can remember that there is a certain gap between domestic and foreign levels. Now they brush the steps every day very actively. They love sports more and more. They feel that they are worth buying

2. Xiaotiancai z5:

reference price: ¥ 699.00 [View JD's latest quotation]

user comments: quantongli has high cost performance and the largest battery capacity. The screen texture is pretty good. Of course, there is still a gap between the screen and the OLED screen. The price is there. Provide the spring design with several points that need to be improved according to personal feelings. 1. The UI design should be more detailed. 2. The application response is very slow. For example, it takes one to two seconds to turn on the camera, oneortwo seconds to switch the camera, and oneortwo seconds to draw a negative screen of batillon. 3. The camera is really bad. The picture quality of video call is simply... The front camera is a little better than nothing. 4. It's very hot. It starts after playing for more than ten minutes. It is recommended not to let children play on their hands for so long, which will cause low temperature burns. Generally speaking, if you need all-in-one communication, it is only used for positioning and calling, and the cost performance is OK

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