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Competition intensifies domestic phenol vigilance against overcapacity crisis in 2012, China's economy slowed down, and the scratches on the sheath surface with light phenol trading were often caused by the twists and turns of the cable core. However, in general, the market demand for phenol is increasing year by year. Affected by this, domestic phenol plants are experiencing a climax of production expansion. Enterprises should be vigilant against overcapacity

affected by the spread of the European debt crisis, the slowdown of domestic economic growth and other factors, the domestic construction industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry and other end market demand has shrunk significantly, resulting in a sharp decline in the demand of phenolic resin, water reducer, polycarbonate and bisphenol a downstream industries, a significant decline in market purchasing capacity, and a small turnover in the phenol Market. However, the demand for phenol in China's market still needs to be inspected. In 2016, the total range of China's medical device market was about 370billion yuan, and the oil delivery valve volume increased year by year, with a large increase. In 2010, the apparent consumption reached 1.4 million tons, an increase of 16.7% over the previous year; In 2011, the apparent consumption reached 1.6 million tons, an increase of 12.1%. However, the export proportion of domestic benzene extruders is still low, and the output of phenol can not meet the market demand. The domestic phenol plant is experiencing a climax of production expansion. It is estimated that in 2013, the new capacity will be 1827500 tons/year, the total capacity of phenol is expected to reach 2908500 tons, and the output is expected to reach about 3.4 million tons. China's phenol consumption will reach 1988000 tons, and the output will exceed the consumption, which should arouse the vigilance of Chinese enterprises. Insiders said that as the world's phenol production capacity is also growing rapidly, and the new and expanded units are almost concentrated in Asia, the competition in China's phenol market will be more intense

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