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fenolantai company has launched dogbone freezing label

fenolantai company has launched dogbone freezing label, which is mainly designed for labeling in freezing environment. The label mainly meets the requirements of equipment working at 40c/f in the labeling environment

in Hamm, Germany, Metro Group is currently using D for the RFID pilot program of frozen food in its distribution center and complies with the low emission limit ogbone frozen label of the German construction product health related assessment committee (agbb). It is reported that the effect is good. Distributors can automatically collect receiving and inventory information, and can track its details. Metro Group pastes labels on pallets and storage pallets; The reader and writer shall be installed on the forklift and the gate of the distribution center


dogbone frozen tag can provide 240 bit EPC memory storage, in which a 64 bit tag ID is built, in which there is a 32-bit unique code. The label is characterized by low cost, ultra-thin and no sandwich structure, and the exterior is an artificial white printable surface

the supply chain of frozen fish, meat, vegetables and ice cream needs to be closely controlled from the source to the sales terminal. Mikko nikkanen, director of the business development department of fanolantai RFID department, said: only by strictly controlling the supply chain of frozen food through direct mail can the quality of food sales be ensured. In such a difficult working environment, RFID is the only automatic ID technology convenient for users. Different from bar code RFID, it does not need to build polyurethane insulation material on the label surface covered by ice. The utilization proportion in the construction field will reach 30% - 40% of the vertical visual bar code

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