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Which model is better to compare Bolang food stick mq5045 and 5025 mq5064? What are the differences between different models

Bolang cooking stick mq5045 and 5025 mq5064? The main differences are: first, the marketing time and appearance color are different. The fluctuation range of Bolang cooking stick 5 and power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage (220V) Mq5045 and mq5064 are newly launched in 2019. The appearance of mq5045 is white gray, and the appearance of mq5064 is black; Second, the size and weight are different, and the functions are the same It is recommended that you choose between the new mq5045 and mq5064. The performance is relatively better

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Bolang food stick mq5064

Bolang mq5045

II. Comparison of quotations and comments of Bolang food stick mq5045 and mq5064:

1 Bolang food stick mq5045

reference price: ¥ 799.00 (view therefore tmall activity quotation)

user comments: function effect: very powerful, with broken ice cup, really good noise level: the noise is acceptable, not very noisy appearance material: the appearance is simple and clean, I like the volume size very much: I hit the orange once, which is very delicate and convenient, and I hit it in a few seconds, It's great to make complementary food for children

2. BORANG food stick mq5064

reference price: ¥ C. The data of one cut in the computer controlled by the computer returns to zero 749.00

user comments: the sound is OK, not big, within the acceptable range. At present, I have made fruit puree juice for my baby. If the amount of fruit is small, I need to add a little water. The beating is very delicate. If the quantity is not large, you can directly beat it in a bowl, which is easier to clean

III. summary:

there is little difference between Bolang food stick mq5045 and 5025 mq5064 on the whole, mainly due to the different time of market, appearance color and weight. Bolang food stick mq5045mq5064 are new 2019 models, with much better performance Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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