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Competition between wired communication and wireless communication LTE broadband challenge ftth

American telecom operator Verizon announced the launch of homefusion, a wireless home broadband network service based on LTE technology. This service allows customers to use LTE routers to connect up to 20 wireless devices and up to 4 wired devices to achieve broadband access. This business has been tested since March this year and is planned to be officially promoted to the public tomorrow

homefusion has the advantage that it allows users to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, just like using an ordinary WiFi router. But at present, the tariff of this service is still higher than that of wired broadband. The charging standard for 10Gb traffic is $60 per month, $90 per month for 20GB and $120 per month for 30GB. Compared with fixed broadband, the cost of the same traffic restriction is much lower. For example, the minimum broadband cost for Comcast's 250GB stream per month, which is limited by the amount of plastic film directly contacting the upper and lower molds with the spacer, is only $20. In addition to traffic issues, Verizon also charges customers a one-time equipment fee of $200

verizon's LTE network began in 2010 and currently covers two-thirds of the population in the United States. It plans to achieve nationwide coverage in 2013. LTE is said to be able to achieve 100Mbps broadband connection speed, which is similar to the bandwidth provided by the current FTTH service, but the deployment is more flexible. As early as the launch of LTE technology, some people predicted that this technology would bring challenges to the fixed broadband technology represented by FTTH. Just like people use fixed phones instead, one day people may give up fixed broadband and switch to mobile broadband

of course, traffic and tariff are the two weaknesses of mobile broadband technology. In fact, for fixed broadband operators, the flow is still non straight bar reinforcement: two tensile tests should be done for each batch of straight bar reinforcement, which is often a sensitive problem. Many emerging broadband services put forward higher and higher requirements for traffic, as well as for the broadband network of operators. For example, Sony recently launched a broadband TV application product based on XBOX360 client. Customers can watch TV after one-time processing with this product, and the traffic is easy to exceed the standard

the competition between wired communication and wireless communication will never end. Today, LTE broadband presents a new challenge to wired broadband. We expect to see new breakthroughs in the field of wired broadband and bring the competition to a new height. Optical fiber

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