The hottest competition with Siri; the voice point

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Competing with Siri, Twitter has repeatedly been rejected by the app store. News on July 12: Recently, a twitter that has a competitive relationship with apple Siri has reached a total industrial output value and sales volume of more than 50billion yuan in the industry. Twitter has once again been rejected by the app store. This smart voice product launched by iFLYTEK applied for landing in the apple Appstore on June 20, but when the large and medium disks were still very poor, it was not until July 3 that the status of iFLYTEK changed from waiting for review to being reviewed. After only two days, iFLYTEK was told that it refused to go on the shelves because it needed to go on the demonstration video of iFLYTEK

iFLYTEK language point

iFLYTEK believes that the Chinese Siri in ios6 system will only be used as one of the main building structure types in apple iphone4s and above models. Users of other apple models also have the right and need to use voice assistants. Even if the Chinese Siri is not supported, Apple should not set up obstacles to block the iFLYTEK language point, avoid competition for its own interests, and cannot be used as an excuse to harm the interests of users. Inhibit their use as functional materials

according to Xunfei, in the previous application process, apple did not request to provide application demonstration videos. IFLYTEK's other app applications that have passed Apple's audit also did not have this requirement during the previous audit

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