How to rescue water soaked wooden floor 1

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Cause analysis of soaking in water

at present, the common causes of "flood" in residential families mainly come from pipeline leakage, which can be divided into:

1 according to the severity Soaking in water in a large area: the water pipe breaks and the heating is soaked in water

2. Partial soaking: water pipe dripping, hidden pipeline seepage, heating pipe dripping, water dispenser leakage, bathtub leakage, etc

soaking reaction

1 The edge warping at the floor joint is deformed

2. The skirting board is deformed and bulging

treatment scheme

1 Large area soaking in water: if the floor is soaked in water in a large area due to various reasons, and the water volume is large, notify the floor manufacturer's customer service while cleaning the site, and dismantle the floor in the shortest possible time. Because rooms other than toilets and kitchens are generally not waterproof, it is necessary to clean up the water on the ground as soon as possible to avoid soaking downstairs and causing greater losses

2. Partial soaking: cut off the water source and clean the water on the ground in time, observe whether there is obvious change in the floor. If there is obvious edge warping reaction, notify the floor manufacturer to replace it locally. Workers will remove it locally according to the site conditions, calculate the floor area required for maintenance, and calculate the relevant costs

3. Need to replace the floor locally: before the workers come to the door, they need to check the inventory and batch of the floor to be replaced, because only the floor with the same color and specification as the original floor can be used, otherwise it cannot be repaired

4. Overall replacement and partial replacement of the floor: it is best to dry the ground for about two weeks under the condition of normal ventilation, and then re install it after the ground is completely dry




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