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Mannoni wardrobe, which has always been at the forefront of the industry, has opened a good situation in the segment market with the characteristics of "European and American style, fashionable and simple style", leading the direction of overall customized wardrobe

with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the home environment, the requirements for the overall customized wardrobe do not just stay in the style, but also pay more attention to the improvement of the quality and humanized function of the wardrobe. As a high-end representative in the furniture industry, mannoni wardrobe has a unique brand reputation and is at the forefront of the industry

mannoni adheres to the product development concept of "only 10% of you", puts forward the concept of "Tiancai home", and is committed to providing consumers with the most natural, environmental friendly and healthy home products. In terms of product research and development, production, brand building and other aspects, the industry insiders are senior personnel in various industries. There is a fair, bright and happy sunshine in mannoni. Everyone follows the team concept of being serious, rapid and sticking to their commitments, and has shed sweat and tears together. There is only one goal, which is to build mannoni into a reliable overall wardrobe enterprise and create a warm and comfortable living environment for every consumer

mannoni's product design and development is to meet the needs of consumers of different ages according to the preferences of different consumer groups. The elderly have experienced the growth rings of years, and their love tends to be elegant, classical and rustic rural flavor. The elegant and luxurious European products and the rustic American rural style are suitable for the elderly. The younger generation pursues fashion and simplicity, diversified life and pays more attention to the humanized functions of products. Our modern paint baking, simple European, mixed and simple styles are more suitable for middle-aged people. For children, we design children's series products with cartoon patterns and color separation paint, which are designed according to consumer experience data

new products, new image, big brand, big space, the gorgeous transformation of mannoni wardrobe to comprehensive brand upgrading, preferential upgrading, the development is overwhelming, and mannoni wardrobe is ready to go





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