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With the rapid development of science and technology, solar energy has gradually entered our life. For example, solar street lamps, but we often encounter the phenomenon that solar street lamps do not light for several days after they are on for a period of time, and this phenomenon occurs frequently in continuous rainy weather. It is OK to select batteries, lamps and controllers through detection. What is the reason? This phenomenon is due to the problem of exiting the undervoltage protection voltage value. To avoid this problem, we need to choose a solar controller with good performance

solar controller is the equipment used in solar power generation system. Solar controller is widely used and has good effect. It is the umbrella of solar street lamp, solar power station and other solar powered power generation equipment. Next, let's introduce the relevant knowledge of solar controller

[introduction to solar controller]

solar controller is an automatic control device used in solar power generation system to control multi-channel solar cell array to charge the battery and the battery to supply power to the load of solar inverter. The solar controller adopts high-speed CPU microprocessor and high-precision a/d analog-to-digital converter. It is a microcomputer data acquisition and monitoring control system. It can not only quickly and instantly collect the current working state of the PV system, obtain the working information of the PV station at any time, but also accumulate the historical data of the PV station in detail, which provides an accurate and sufficient basis for evaluating the rationality of the PV system design and testing the reliability of the quality of system components. In addition, the solar controller also has the function of serial communication data transmission, which can centrally manage and remotely control multiple photovoltaic system sub stations

[three functions of solar controller]

1 Power regulation function:

2 Communication function: 1 simple indication function 2 protocol communication function, such as RS485 Ethernet, wireless and other forms of background management

3. Perfect protection functions: electrical protection reverse connection, short circuit, overcurrent, etc.

[benefits of solar controller]

solar controller can control current output

in the process of using solar street lamps, due to its own characteristics, the LED lamps of solar street lamps must be constant current or current limited by the solar controller in order to be used normally, However, the common solar LED lamps realize the constant current of the lamp by adding another driving power supply, which will occupy a large proportion of the total power of the lamp. The emergence of solar controller undoubtedly solves this problem

the solar controller can control the output period

imagine if your solar street lamps are illuminated during the day, is it a waste? The solar controller can control its lighting period to ensure that there is no lighting during the day and no lighting at night. This can save maintenance costs and costs

solar controller can assist in heat dissipation

in order to save costs, many manufacturers' solar street lamps and even other products will ignore heat dissipation in the selection of solar controller, which is actually a very wrong behavior. If you ignore heat dissipation, it will undoubtedly burden the load current and charging current, which will reduce the charging efficiency

conclusion: the above introduces the functional features of solar controller, hoping to help you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. More wonderful content will be presented for you in the follow-up





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