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Recently, there have been cases of decoration accidents among decoration workers in different regions. No matter the decoration workers or the decoration owners, everyone knows that safety is the most important, life is precious, and no one wants to have such an accident, so our home decoration network editor here reminds each decoration company to do a good job of prevention, pay attention to the details of decoration in the process of decoration, and avoid any safety accidents, At the same time, I pray that the injured workers will recover as soon as possible

case 1: the three storey building in Shanghai collapsed during decoration

according to the times, this building has only three floors. The first and second floors were originally an agricultural bank, the first floor was a counter, and the second floor was an office area, but it was closed six or seven years ago. After the bank was closed, it was rented by the landlord to others, and the first floor was being renovated at the time of the incident. The local police preliminarily concluded that the construction workers on the first floor excavated the weighing wall, causing the wall to collapse, and the accident caused some construction workers and some residents to be buried

Xiaobian reminds: many inexperienced construction workers do not know which walls can be removed and modified, so Xiaobian reminds that the load-bearing wall must not be removed and modified, and the wall structure should be removed and modified under the guidance of professionals to avoid unnecessary safety accidents




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